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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Cibil plans commercial bureau

From "The Telegraph" Kolkatta edn. 17-May-2005


Mumbai, May 16: Credit Information Bureau India Ltd (Cibil) plans to launch a commercial bureau, which will collate data on the credit records of business enterprises, chief operating officer Arun Thukral said.

“We will try to launch a commercial bureau as soon as possible,” Thukral said.

Cibil will launch the bureau after it has a minimum of 3-4 lakh records on business enterprises, Thukral said.

Cibil currently has a full-fledged consumer bureau of 20 million records. When it started operations last year, the credit information bureau had a database size of 4 million records from 12 members. It now has grown significantly to over 20 million from approximately 30 members.

While Dun & Bradstreet was the technical partner providing knowledge for the consumer bureau, Thukral said the commercial bureau will be supported by Trans Union International.
Does CIBIl have over 20 million illegally garnered and hacked records? Watch this space.


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