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Monday, June 20, 2005

1 million Japanese credit card data hacked.

UFJ admits customer data leak has led to theft from accounts

Personal information on Japanese credit card holders stolen from a data handling company in the U.S. has been used to steal money from some customers' accounts, UFJ Card Co. admitted Monday.

Company officials said personal information on the holders of some UFJ-Master Card joint cards was stolen when a U.S. company handling the data was hacked into.

Master Card notified UFJ Card of the identification numbers of joint cards whose information may have leaked to outsiders. UFJ subsequently checked their payment records to discover that some of the accounts had been accessed illegally.

The company has decided to replace the cards of cutomers whose personal information was stolen and fully compensate victims who have lost money to the thieves.

In their admission, the officials stopped short of clarifying the number of victims and the amount of money stolen saying they are still investigating the incident.

Moreover, personal information on up to 2,500 customers of consumer credit firm Central Finance may have similarly leaked, company sources said.

A number of other companies in the industry have also received information that personal data on some of their customers may have been stolen, and are currently investigating the allegations. (Mainichi)


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